What Art Gallery Picture Racking Is Right For Me?

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Selecting the right storage solution is never easy, especially when there are so many options and it is something you do so rarely. Art Gallery picture racking is exactly that – so many choices and something most art galleries do every 10+ years. So, here are the key considerations in selecting the right picture racks for your art gallery storage.

1. What is the available space for picture racking?

Now you’re probably wanting to show and store more pictures than your gallery has space for. You want to make better space of the room… that is why you’re looking at picture racking after all!

However, that doesn’t give you the answer you need on what picture racking is right for you. It normally comes down to whether you need to be able to access multiple picture frequently or just need a few core pictures on display?

2. Tracked, Railed or Wheeled pull-out picture racking?

If you do need moving picture racks, what is the best type of pull-out picture racking? Tracked picture racking is typically more reliable than wheeled due to the pull-out being guided, however it comes with a cost. It also isn’t a viable option if you have carpet or uneven floor. In these instances, wheeled pull-out racks every day.

3. What is the intended use frequency?

If the use in art gallery show floor for gallery guests? Or may be it is a storage room, out of sight but to protect article?

For uses within the art gallery floor aesthetics are hugely important. The racks need to have an appearance inline with the art gallery, be it modern and minimal, or urban and rugged as examples. They also need to show off the artwork and not draw attention to the racking itself. This is especially true for galleries with items for sale where it is their main revenue driver.

4. Who is the primary user?

If the primary users are guests where they are expected to look through and browse the artwork themselves, ease of use will be a primary driver. And, as with the intended use case, aesthetics is vital.

Conversely, if it is for internal worker use then functionality and reliability become more important.

5. How high is the ceiling?

If you’re in a high ceiling area then you may require suspended picture racks. These have the benefit of being able to move, however the fixture are not as rigid as wheeled or tracked racking.

6. Fixtures for article on picture racks?

It may sound obvious, however storage of different type of artwork requires different fixtures. Storing pictures is different to 3D art, which is different to fabric or a sculpture. Make sure the racking is compatible with whatever artwork type is your primary need for storage.

What art gallery picture racking is right for you?

So there you have it, 6 key questions to help you get the right picture racking for your art gallery.

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